Trade marketing, the key to success in the offline Marketplace


Given the constant increase in competition between brands and products, it becomes a daily necessity to generate strategic spaces that allow brands to be more visible and consequently increase their number of sales.

Trade marketing is not a matter of a moment, but on the contrary, it requires constant analysis and feedback that allows the brand to be in the right place at the right time to generate sales.

Currently, sales are generated by necessity (rational purchase) and others by impulsivity, which sometimes occurs because it has been previously suggested, that is, when trade marketing has been applied and has been effective.

Do you need to generate more sales? Your product must be in the right place, because how to buy a product if it is not visible? Therefore, you need to generate strategies at your point of sale that help your product to be visible and more attractive.

Here are some trade marketing actions that you can apply with your brand


1. Boost sales through promotions

Establish different times of the year when you can boost sales through promotions that can be attractive to your potential customers.

2. Be present in the right channels

You must be present in the places that are most appropriate to your brand, where you can definitely hit the spot of your niche or potential customer.

3. Carry out branding strategies


Take advantage of these spaces to make yourself better known and generate clarity as to who you are, what you sell and where you can be found.

4. Generate traffic at the point of sale.

By generating strategies such as Sampling, which consists of providing small samples to users, you will create expectation and the need to buy.

Now, what are the benefits of applying these different trade marketing strategies with your brand?

1. Improve your brand image


By having a direct encounter between the brand and the customer, you will have the possibility of projecting your brand's image in an appropriate way, thus generating brand recall.

2. Improve product rotation

By being strategically visible, you will generate the possibility of improving the rotation and not stay with stagnant merchandise, here you can use different strategies to better promote the product.

It is important that, in the process, you establish the metrics to be taken into account to measure the success or failure of each of the strategies applied, or simply to identify which one was better received.

Apply it and let us know how it went.