Each organic action you perform will mean an important contribution to your brand, however, there will come a point that it is not enough and it is useless to spend a lot of time making good content if you fail to reach more people who might be in need of your product or service.

It is normal that we frequently receive clients who have the desire and the firm desire in their heart to increase the visibility of their brand, to be able to reach potential customers through social networks, but the big mistake is that they believe that just being on social networks is the solution to their problems or the solution to the low visibility of their brand.

Although social networks are a medium that brings growth and visibility to brands, they also offer other options that help brands to grow but not only from the content but from the advertising of such content, otherwise you will be forgotten.

When we start with a brand the first thing we establish are organic strategies clearly, because the brand has not had it before, because we have to make a change of image, because we have to establish the appropriate content pillars and in line with the strategies to gradually go to potentiate the brand making it known. The last thing we want when we start with a brand is to waste money on advertising, making known something that is not yet relevant in the content.

However, when we have already advanced with our organic strategies, it becomes clearly necessary to invest in advertising, to be able to reach potential customers, that specific target or niche with the product or service that we are offering and that they are possibly needing. We have reached a point where organic strategies have worked and we have achieved a certain position, but it is not enough.


Now, the problem is that when we have reached the point of advertising, many customers want to stay in the same, it seems that that initial desire and that longing in their heart to improve the visibility of their brand has vanished when their pocket is touched. It is important to clarify at this point that advertising is an investment, because to the extent that you expose yourself to greater visibility among potential customers, you will have more opportunity to close sales. Advertising on social networks or Google is not about losing money, it is about gaining recognition.

Stop fearing advertising investment, it's time to take a leap of faith and check what many other brands say about the benefits of social networks.