Every time I generate personalized advice I like to listen first, because almost always the person who is requiring a digital marketing service is on the defensive, since, in the first instance, they have run into people who have promised them heaven, stating that: "they know all about digital marketing" and that sales are going to skyrocket in less than a week.
Others have asked for help on facebook groups and end up “hiring” a third party who only needs money. At other times, the client does not even know what he wants based on his digital marketing, but he has in mind that it is important to take that step. AND MANY MORE CASES.
After listening to them, understanding their level of frustration and fear, and their expectations, this is where I begin to make a baseline diagnosis. What does this mean? I review all their digital channels, from the website to their social networks, to understand their entire digital ecosystem. Later, I tell them what phase they are in.
Sometimes the client considers that what they have is fine, but in reality it is the opposite, where sometimes their logo design is not the most appropriate, the photographs they have do not convey the quality of their products, the concept of content does not have an objective, the design of each post does not have the guidelines of the brand and other mistakes in common. And that is where they realize why they are not selling.
I never tire of repeating it. Digital marketing is not a "magic box" where you upload some content and zaz! Sales by heap. Do not! It is a whole procedure to generate remembrance, where the main character is not the company but the customer.
Before concluding, I want to ask you the following: If you were in the position of being your own customer, would you interact with your digital content? If the answer is NO, be careful! You already have a problem.
If you want to know the status of your company. Let us know! We help you.