Are there miracles with digital marketing? ... Questions I ask myself every moment


Today I start with the following question: Are there miracles with digital marketing? Easy! The answer is no. The only miracle is to be disciplined and cunning in every step we take.
For years "gurus" of the subject have generated a distortion of reality and the market itself, believing that meeting your marketing objectives will be at least overnight and at most a month ... considering that sales will be in the hundreds, the brand recognition will be done, and that your venture or the state of your company will reach a point of being valued by billions in that lapse ... but, it is not like that.
When we enter the process of digital marketing, before you must do a retrospective of the state of your company, how are your sales? How has your work team been executing its tasks? Does your company manage strategies? And if you have them, what objectives have been met ?; Do your services / products have the quality that your customers demand? And do they know? ... How are you managing your brand to empower yourself from your competition? ... etc.
There are many questions that I always ask during counseling and almost always, I do not get an answer. And why does this happen? ... when we undertake sometimes we do not know what actions to take, the only thing on our mind is "SELL". But, if the "house is not organized" sometimes SELLING becomes torture.
That is why I often find cases of entrepreneurs / businessmen who consider that digital marketing is only to publish on social networks ... and that is FALSE.
Social networks are only dissemination tools, as is email marketing, apps, digital portals, and much more. That is why, the first thing you should worry about is having a plan, short, medium and long term objectives; well-defined dissemination channels, segmentation, actions determined on a schedule, a potential brand according to what the market needs, clear accounts of your income, expenses, total assets, and other elements that are sometimes overlooked.
When the foundations are laid, that is where a beautiful activation process begins. What does it mean? It is to start building your community - remember, communities are not only generated in social networks but also in web pages, blogs, landing pages, video / audio streaming, apps, and much more - how I had expressed it in the paragraph previous.
And to obtain the results that you long for, have a right hand that knows the subject, advises you, expresses the truth of how you are feeling ... It is not something to invest in a single time, because if that were the case then companies like Coca-Cola Would they put aside each of their marketing processes? ... I don't think so.
Pdta: Marketing is not synonymous with sales. They are departments that mutually support each other to fulfill the mission and vision of an entire business organization.