A picture speaks louder than a thousand words


An image can convince you to make a purchase or definitely reject it, that is why it is so important that nowadays companies give importance and relevance to the visual image through social networks, because social networks allow you to be an online showcase of what your brand and your company has to sell.

Nowadays there are no excuses for not having a very good image or a very good picture for your social networks, because we have plenty of platforms and clearly with the best references in cell phones to create the best images that can help you capture the attention of your potential customers, but necessarily it is important at this point to have the intention of the brand, to want to generate interesting, attractive and quality content for social networks.

That's why today I share with you 3 tips that can help you when taking pictures of your products:

1. Have good lighting

It is important in the process, to highlight all the attributes of the product, so it is necessary to have the optimal lighting that allows you to see more clearly the product to offer. At this point, if you do not have artificial lighting, I recommend you to take the photos in the morning hours from 10 am to 12 pm and focus the product where there is more light entering the place where you are. In addition to this, you can use the options offered by cameras and cell phones to improve the entrance of light in the shutter, however, do not exaggerate, otherwise you will leave an image with a lot of noise and defects.


2. Use nice backgrounds

In order to focus the attention on the product, it will be important to leave the product on a background that does not have as much information as possible so as not to generate distractions. In this case, you can print backgrounds that are pleasant and adapt to what you want to offer or leave it in different spaces that can generate context of what is going to be offered, but without losing the central focus of the product.

3. Be creative

Don't limit yourself when it comes to generating photographs, take inspiration from social networks, movies, videos, photographs, etc... to generate spaces or complements that will help the product to look better.

It is not enough just to have the good intention of wanting to have the best social network, of wanting to have the best content that your niche can have, if you are not willing to put your part and your physical and mental effort to move forward your very good ideas. This process may take time, but it will definitely be worth it and your social networks and wallet will thank you for it.