To speak of a difficult year in terms of work, sales, entrepreneurship and other commercial activities, is to remember with a bittersweet taste the year of 2020. Twenty twenty so longed for, that commotion that every media and cultural channel proclaimed success, new projects, new goals , new beginnings, perhaps even with a utopian touch that 2020 would be everyone's year; and how to know that those positive thoughts that ordinary people: family, couples, businessmen, students, travelers, among others, would be totally paralyzed by a tragic and fateful topic as was the most terrifying headline that so far I personally has given goose bumps, that January 30, 2020 declaring in all social media: [URGENT] The World Health Organization @WHO declares the international emergency for the CORONAVIRUS.

It generated chaos, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, that statement made in the media by the world health organization; In other words, how just thirty days after starting that year so longed for could a global emergency be decreed. It was incredible and even impossible that this "virus" that reported mortality in China could reach our homes; However, who would imagine that the 98 cases outside China in 18 countries would be the culprits of managing to confine the whole world in such a short period of time.

Although the country of the sacred heart of Jesus continued as if nothing happened here, everything took another course when on March 7 the media confirmed the first case in the country and officially, the National Government declared that "the preparation phase was over and activated the coronavirus containment phase in the national territory "

Automatically the country faced the most drastic change of all, there was talk of the first curfew and there was Paula Silva, trying to mentally stop the programming of the date, and you would ask why? Maybe my answer was inhumane, but I just wanted to spend March 20 happily and without any restrictions. That's right, it was my birthday, the most anticipated day to celebrate, however, since the news was known in the country of the first case, the most forgotten garment of all was added to our closet; having to put on that mask every time I left my house, it reminded me over and over again that it was not a joke, that it was real and that it could affect my baby of only 1 year and 8 months, my husband that day to day I went to work, to my parents and brother and other relatives who could be mortally affected.

Days before my special date, I saw how my mother had to transport to her house all the work equipment that she had in the company where she works. DO NOT FORGET! An entire company with a long history moved with work material and personnel to the privacy of their homes to start the word "less used" in Colombia. Welcome to the era of Telecommuting, the few who survived in terms of work, others to unemployment and others to early vacations and unpaid leave, a total chaos.




The defeat of many and the uncertainty of others triggered all kinds of indices, in the most serious, health. And finally they gave the beginning of a Mandatory Quarantine where they prolonged 24/7 coexistence month after month, teleworking, children at home and the family basket with ups and downs. They were difficult months, very difficult, where I thought it would not be so strong, where I cried many nights for frustrations that confinement brought me, where my body spoke and showed through infections that I was not quite well, but you know? Resilience taught me that each in their own way had the ability to overcome traumatic circumstances, lost, hard and difficult things; and see that despite the fact that many people this virus snatched them overnight, others who overcame the virus, the asymptomatic, those that until now it has not given us, we continue to fight with the illusion that this We will go out together, and the new normal will teach us to work and follow the appropriate rules but most important of all, not to plan our lives in a grid, to give thanks for waking up, for the breath, for the health, to value the intangible, the exhaustible and inexhaustible, life and death.

Goodbye to this nightmare and welcome to the new opportunity to be better people, better professionals, better children, better parents, better entrepreneurs and with our heads held high to know that as a phoenix we will be reborn from this ash and that a "simple vaccine" will be the useful instrument and the indispensable tool to take and build the steps of the future. Do you think the same? ...