Professions that could disappear due to Artificial Intelligence


One of the questions that has always arisen with the development of technology is whether at some point this may kill jobs, due to automation or the implementation of robots.
Some studies have even been dedicated to measuring the impact of this on the labor sector. Among these, the University of Oxford last year published its research 'How robots changed the world', where it estimates that the use of robots, especially in the area of manufacturing, could generate the loss of 20 million jobs by 2030.
Although, it is worth clarifying, several experts on the subject indicate that although technology can replace human beings in some trades, this also implies the emergence of new labor fields in other sectors and new professions that compensate for this situation.
Taking this fact into account, recently, the job meta-search engine Jobatus, which is located in several countries, presented a research that shows that five jobs that are currently part of our daily lives may disappear due to Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning. This is the list.
The reason is that in the future Artificial Intelligence can provide in a short period of time the image that the person needs, according to the characteristics that the user stipulates.
This being so, there is a possibility that image banks, which is used for different sectors such as advertising, will change their model and stop making use of photographers to achieve obtain the images.
Vehicle drivers: Autonomous cars are not something new and there are already several advances that make us think that in the medium term it is possible that vehicles do not need a person to operate, even more so with the development of 5G networks, which give greater support to this technology.
A few weeks ago, South Korea even began pilot tests of flying cabs that do not need a driver inside the equipment and are expected to start operating by 2025.
Several experts on the subject indicate that while technology can replace human beings in some professions, this also implies the emergence of new fields of work.
Journalists: The study suggests that due to the development of machine learning, through Artificial Intelligence, there is the possibility that by simply entering a headline and a couple of data, the machine can generate the body of the news. Although it is still unclear, how it will supplement the investigative and reporting tasks that are part of journalism.
Diagnostic imaging technician: The development of technology could generate that people are not needed to study images, photographs or examinations, since it could be supplied with machines that can develop this work.
Web designers: Artificial intelligence will make it possible to replicate styles, templates and the code of web pages, which would allow them to be created without the need for a designer to create them.