The world and social networks need accounts and companies that are willing to form new trends, new ideas and generate content that goes out of the box.

Your brand is part of a specific niche and we have always heard that the most advisable thing to do is to analyze and do market research where we can see what is generating the most movement and reception in that niche in order to replicate it in our brands but at an improved level, however, today I share with you that even when it is necessary to do these market studies does not mean that you should do the same as in this niche is being done, but on the contrary you must transform yourself and generate new ideas that can boost your brand and what as a result can be a reference for third parties.

As entrepreneurs or businessmen it is very important that we are constantly learning and that we expose ourselves to creative environments to be able to generate new, fresh ideas, renewed ideas, ideas that go outside the box and that help us to boost our brands.

How to promote creativity?

1. Interact with other people


People are a sea of knowledge and experiences, by exposing ourselves to social environments we will have the possibility to learn from others and generate new ideas.

2. Watch a movie or documentary

There are many stories from which you can draw examples and ideas to boost your brand. Start watching movies and documentaries from a deeper and more analytical point of view, only that way you will be able to get countless ideas.

3. Read books

Reading books is to enter extraordinary worlds that can promote creativity at 100%.


4. Do something different

Get out of your comfort zone and start doing things you have never done before, this way you will awaken that innovative and creative part of you that you may not know yet.

5. Be curious

Don't settle for simple answers. You look for new solutions to "problems" that lead you to discover new ways and resources that you would have never thought of.



It's time for your brand to be the benchmark for the market, it's time for your brand to generate new changes, new transformations in terms of content, visual and audiovisual level in social networks and everything that frames digital marketing.

We are very close to the end of the year and it is always an opportune time to analyze what we have done in the course of this year and start proposing new goals for next year, and it's okay, take this opportunity to do so, take advantage of this season to renew your ideas, to renew your mind as to what you are looking for with your company, your project or your brand; But do not only take advantage of this time of the year to make these renovations, but set a goal that every two months you can be renewing yourself and creating new ideas and strategies for your brand that are framed in innovation and creativity.

It is important at this point that you do not think that because your project is perhaps a small business or just a start-up it does not deserve or does not deserve to have these spaces, but on the contrary, your project is the opportunity to transform the market and your project can be the one who sets the tone for a new rebirth, a new transformation of the brands or the niche.