5 facts you didn't know about how Gen Z buys


There are already several ways to define generation Z. But the truth is that little is really known about it.
There are even those who still do not know with certainty whether or not they belong to this age group that today is around 24 years of age and who, in an attempt to be more rigorous, were born approximately between 1996 and 2010.
Of something we are sure: it is a generation that was born completely exposed to technology, so the mobile is part of it. Now, in front of a group that handles technology naturally and has a great capacity - and all the tools - to access the information it needs, how can companies, which are mostly starting the digital transformation, get close to her?
We leave you here the 5 keys about generation Z and their shopping habits so that you have at hand:
1. Although they buy with their cell phone more than other generations, they also enjoy doing it in physical stores and on desktop.
2. In small communities, dialogues about brands are created and there is a greater emotional connection.
3. This generation wants to know and understand who they are buying from. She is willing to pay for what she believes in.
4. Generation Z is used to analyzing information. For this reason, brands must be consistent in their communication and in their actions.
5. There is no specific frequency, so physical and online stores have a great opportunity if they are available.
Since you know these 5 essential data of generation z ... Are your marketing strategies oriented to the way of acting and thinking of this segment? If you have no idea or consider that you have, we will notify you in your digital strategies. Write to us! We advise you.